Aquaponics Business Plan – Low Cost High Yield Business


A new business called Aquaponics is the new form of agriculture that has taken off in recent years. This is to rear aquatic life, mainly fish, for the waste they produce to provide the plants with the nutrients they need to grow.

In contrast to traditional agricultural techniques that use soil as the medium in which the roots extract the nutrients for food, the nutrients in Aquaponics are extracted directly from the water in which the roots rest. The plants are not free standing, but rest on rocks or a clay base that is only used as a structural support mechanism

The advantage for the fish is that the plants remove the waste from the water. This is part of the natural cycle that exists only on a smaller scale in nature. With purified water supplemented with oxygen, the fish can stay on the same water for a longer period of time.

As a company, the low maintenance costs of the Aquaponics business unit make it an ideal investment, even on a small scale. For a small family of four, an investment of $ 600 to $ 1000 can feed them for years with vegetables and fresh fish.

The larger-scale production sites of the Aquaponics business system can yield more profit than traditional agricultural techniques. One of the reasons is that the water does not have to be constantly topped up as in the case of regular agricultural techniques and that the production of crops is increased up to 8 times for the same area that is used for plants with Aquaponics. This efficiency and reduction of raw materials significantly increases the profit potential.

For the marketing of your vegetables this is organic produce, because no man-made fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used for the growth or maintenance of the crops. As a result, the price of them can be increased because the demand for organically grown crops is higher priced.

The farmed fish is also considered healthier because they are not exposed to the waste and heavy metals that are abundant in the streams around the world. This makes them safe to be eaten, even by pregnant women and children.

Tilapia is the best fish for Aquaponics projects. They are known to grow quickly and can be placed in a paddy field when planting and are of an edible size by the time the rice is ready to harvest. Because of this rapid growth, the harvesting of fish and plants can often be simultaneous.

Because the tilapia is a vegetarian fish, their food supplies cost less compared to meat-eating fish. This also means that their waste is not as nutritious as salmon or bass, so more is needed to produce the necessary nutrients. It is a consideration that the Aquaponics project owners have to make in their aquaponics business plan.

The Aquaponics business system has low maintenance and start-up costs that can generate a solid revenue stream for every novice entrepreneur.