Aquaponis Lab – The Importance of Water Quality


Aquaponics, as with any kind of gardening, water quality is a crucial issue, and with the right combination of nutrients in water you have started well. Whether it concerns gardening in an organic soil environment or aquaponic garden, water is needed and it must be of good quality.

However, if your water source is hard, or contaminated with sodium, sulphide or some heavy metals, it is possible that your first step is treated or filtered before using it. Success will be easier with a good water supply.

Testing is the only way to really know what you have, clear water is not necessarily good water. The best way to determine the quality is to obtain a water analysis through a aquaponics laboratory. Another thing that you should know and remember is that the quality can change at any time, and just because you have had it tested and the water source was good does not mean that the quality will remain that way throughout the season. Continuous testing is also important for years. Seasonal changes occur naturally in lakes, ponds and reservoirs that naturally change the water quality.

Testing the water in a aquaponics lab that you regularly use is something that you should seriously consider when gardening with aquaponics. It does not need much to change the properties of the water and to damage the aquaponics project. There are testers and test kits that can be purchased from the level of the beginner to the level of the master gardener, and highly recommended.

An environmentally friendly and healthy way of gardening. With organic gardening, gardening is in harmony with nature. Grow a healthy and productive crop in a way that is healthier for both you and the environment.