Aquaponics Technology – How It works


We can clearly see that our earth where we live is damaged. Many scientists and businessmen propose certain types of actions that are supposed to save the life of the world, such as minimizing the use of fuel and petroleum, reducing the use of electricity, planting a million trees, etc. But these actions may not be sufficient given that the damage people have done is too serious.

The scientists in aquaculture and hydroponics have found a new method that can be used to overcome this global damage. Their new method is aquaponics, it is a kind of farming method that combines water recirculation and aquaculture with hydroponic production (also known as growing plants without soil).

You can grow the fish and plants by placing the fish in a large water tank. Then let the water from the tank run in a gravel bed. Positive bacteria would break down the ammonia waste from the fish to produce nitrogen, which promotes the growth of the plants. Then the filtered water goes to the growing bed and later returns to the aquarium

A number of advantages that this agricultural method has is that no land is needed. You will therefore benefit from this farming method, even on your non-productive land. In addition, you do not have to worry about weeds growing on your land, or the need to spread manure for fertilization.

This farming method only requires that you leave the traditional agricultural tools if you decide to switch from traditional farming methods to aquaponics. That means you can save money because you no longer need the traditional tools.

After discussing the benefits of growing fish and vegetables/fruits using aquaponics technology as a  method of farming , we can see further benefits for saving the inhabitants of the world, including: Using the water efficiently to grow two crops, namely fish and plants .

There is no impact on the environment, there is no nutrient-rich drainage of wastewater, the fish feed itself is used to grow the fish and plants. Two crops come from one fish feed as cost in this aquaponics technology farming.

By using this method, we can neither use the pesticides nor the herbicides because it would hit the fish and the plants could not be treated by harmful residues. Because of the advantages and characteristics of the system we mentioned above, we can conclude that the simple action of growing in an aquaponic system would have a huge advantage and would save the world’s population more easily.