Commercial Aquaponics Design- How To Create Your Own Aquaponics Design


All design concepts of Aquaponics is that the aquarium is located on the floor of the facility or room. This is mainly due to the weight of the water. This is the same reason why the collection tank of the drainage of the bottom tanks is also on the floor.

The simplest design is the flooding and drainage system where the plant bed is on top of the aquarium. If you have very little space, this Aquaponics design is the most suitable for you.

The water in the aquarium will drop when the plant bed is flooded, but it would return if the water made its way through the bed and back to the aquarium without the help of a pump.
Because the pump would be overflowing the plant beds in the aquarium, the pump will be small and have a screen on it to prevent large stools from entering the pump, causing it to fail. This screen should be periodically cleaned as part of a routine maintenance program.

The design of Ebb and Flow is the one that imitates nature. This causes the flooding of the plant bedding and the total discharge of the water before the next flooding takes place. As with a tidal wave, the roots will then receive oxygen directly from the air because they are periodically exposed. This also prevents the build-up of solids in the root system of the plants.

A sump pump system for your Commercial Aquaponics design has advantages that none of the rest offers. 2 pumps are required to work; there is also an extra tank for the breeding of young fish, so you can always have a fresh supply of new fish that is not eaten by the adult fish.

The water is pumped from the aquarium tanks to the plant bed. There it flows via gravity to the tank of the sump. As soon as the level in the tank of the sump reaches a predetermined height, the water is pumped back into the aquarium. This can be set up directly or in a circle. The choice of this Commercial Aquaponics design is that of the owner and the available space.

These are just a few ideas on how to create your own Aquaponics design that best suits your needs and the available space.